GOOD Juice

GOOD Juice is an all-natural smoothie drink you would drink throughout the day. In the morning, you would drink GOOD Morning and get your protein and energy that your body is craving. GOOD Afternoon would have that little pick-me-up to get you through the day. GOOD Evening has the antioxidants that your body needs to rid your body of the toxins and natural melatonin to help shut down the body for a complete nights rest.

GOOD Juice
This was a packaging project for my typography class.
We had to create a drink and then design a label for it. I used all organic shapes because the juice would be all organic with not additives. I started my fitness journey at this point, so I was wanting to create something all natural and would benefit the body. It then developed into something so much cooler.
The idea was that it would be a series of drinks that you drink throughout the day. The GOOD Morning would be something you drink in the morning, and it would be filled with nutrients that woke up the body, gave it what it was craving and you would have a good morning. The GOOD Afternoon was something that kind of gave you a pick-me-up and kept you going. The GOOD Evening would have a series of antioxidants that would flush the body of toxins and it would have a natural melatonin that would help the body shut down.
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